Book Cover ArtDesigning Systems for Internet Commerce

    G. Winfield Treese
    Lawrence C. Stewart


Welcome to the web site for the book "Designing Systems for Internet Commerce". It is published by Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-201-57167-6, first printing April 1998.

We've been working on the book for about two years. We've included much of what we have learned about Internet Commerce from our experiences at Open Market, and we hope it will serve as a useful resource for you.

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Where to buy the book

Internet commerce being what it is, there are many ways to buy the book on-line.   For example, you can go to  Addison Wesley's web site, or you can go to Soon you will be able to find the book at Open Market's online store as well.

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We would be delighted to receive feedback on the book or the website.

We'd like to have your comments both on the book and on the website. We can't easily change the book right away, but we can add corrections and expansions here on the site.

We're also interested in building an Internet Commerce resources page, what should be listed?

For now, plese send us email: and We will have a single address for this purpose soon, as well as a web form.

Mailing List

We're putting together a mailing list for occasional announcements about the book and about Internet Commerce. The automation isn't set up yet. In the meantime, if you send mail to or we'll make sure to add you to the eventual list.

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