Book Cover ArtDesigning Systems for Internet Commerce

    G. Winfield Treese
    Lawrence C. Stewart



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Internet commerce—poised to revolutionize the way we do business—is quickly becoming a reality, with an exploding number of Internet business sites now being deployed. If you are thinking about taking the Internet commerce plunge, read this book.

Written by two of the most experienced practitioners in this burgeoning field, Designing Systems for Internet Commercewill guide you through the business and technical considerations of building fully functioning, secure, and financially successful Internet commerce systems.

Both comprehensive and practical, this book explains the fundamental principles of system design, reveals best design practices, and offers reality-based advice on implementation. It explores the common issues and critical questions to ask when planning a system for Internet commerce. In addition, it describes the key technologies relevant to electronic commerce and explains how to apply them using numerous examples.

The authors’ special focus is problem solving: They discuss the many potential risks, challenges, and stumbling blocks of Internet commerce systems and how best to deal with them. This information will enable you to anticipate and solve the problems you are likely to face, helping you implement an Internet commerce system that effectively ser ves the needs of your organization and its customers.

You will also find comprehensive coverage of:

In addition, the authors walk you through a full-fledged Internet commerce system design to illustrate all of these strategies, technologies, and functions in action. Moreover, the book demonstrates how to separate content from transactions, and offers an example of a scalable transaction engine.

Designing Systems for Internet Commerce will give you an understanding of how to bridge the gap between your vision of Internet commerce and the reality of attaining that vision with the technologies available today.

G. Winfield Treese is Director of Security and Lawrence C. Stewart is Chief Scientist at Open Market, Inc. Open Market is a Massachusetts-based company that develops software enabling its customers to engage in electronic commerce on the Internet and to securely, centrally, and efficiently manage business transactions over the Web.

Designing Systems for Internet Commerce

G. Winfield Treese and Lawrence C. Stewart

Published by Addison-Wesley-Longman.

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