TLS Working Group -- 49th IETF (San Diego)

Minutes from TLS Working Group
49th IETF, 12 December 2000 The TLS working group met in a one-hour session at the 49th IETF in San Diego. The meeting was chaired by (and minutes written by) Win Treese <>.

The agenda was:

  1. Discussion of handling ciphersuite proposals
  2. Presentation on Kerberos ciphersuite revisions
  3. Discussion of AES ciphersuite proposals
  4. Presentation on TLS extension proposal
In general, the working group needs to adopt some guidelines for how new applications for ciphersuites are handled. The IANA originally rejected the idea of managing the ciphersuites, but Win Treese will revisit the question with them.

Matt Hur of Cisco presented proposed revisions to the Kerberos cipher suites ( draft-ietf-tls-kerb-00.txt). The specification details need work, and Eric Rescorla volunteered to help Matt with them.

The AES (draft-ietf-tls-ciphersuite-02.txt) ciphersuites were discussed. The general consensus of the group was that the draft is acceptable, with two changes:

  1. There should be no mandatory specification in this document
  2. There should not be a specification for 192-bit keys, unless complying with the forthcoming Federal Information Processing Specification (FIPS) would require it.

John Linn of RSA presented a proposal (draft-ietf-tls-wireless-00.txt) for an extension mechanism and some specific extensions inspired by work with mobile and wireless devices. Some specific comments on the draft have been taken back to the authors.